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About The WWLDRP

The wildlife/livestock research partnership board created within the department shall consist of the following members or their designees:

- Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture

- Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

- Vice-president for research at the University of Wyoming

- Director of the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory

- The State Veterinarian

The board shall:

- Accept funding from all sources, including federal, state and local governments and private donations to carry out the purpose of this article.

- Leverage funds received to match other funds that may be available to the board.

- Deposit funds received into the account created by W.S. 11-19-603. No funds may be withdrawn or otherwise expended without specific consent of at least three members of the board.

- Accept, review and prioritize research proposals submitted to the board.

- Seek support for programs and projects consistent with the purposes of the board.

- Allocate funds for research which serve the goals of understanding, managing, controlling or preempting potentially mutual or shared diseases that impact wild and domestic animals or humans in the state.


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